Economics of Wisconsin Agriculture

It's no secret agriculture plays a large role in the state's economy. Below, you can explore how agriculture contributes to the individual economies of each county.

Top Commodities of Wisconsin Counties

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Contributions to the Local Economy
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Adams County, Wisconsin171.4 millionAdams County, WisconsinVegetables1.4 million2.0 million61.5 millionAdams County, Wisconsin
Ashland County, Wisconsin29.9 millionAshland County, WisconsinMilk.16 million.22 million7.5 millionAshland County, Wisconsin
Barron County, Wisconsin2.0 billionBarron County, WisconsinPoultry & Eggs10.3 million7.5 million124.1 millionBarron County, Wisconsin
Bayfield County, Wisconsin74.8 millionBayfield County, WisconsinMilk.30 million.42 million5.3 millionBayfield County, Wisconsin
Brown County, Wisconsin4.6 billionBrown County, WisconsinMilk28.7 million19.2 million189.5 millionBrown County, Wisconsin
Buffalo County, Wisconsin724 millionBuffalo County, WisconsinMilk3.0 million2.8 million68.9 millionBuffalo County, Wisconsin
Burnett County, Wisconsin293.8 millionBurnett County, WisconsinMilk1.0 million.72 million14.0 millionBurnett County, Wisconsin
Calumet County, Wisconsin1.5 billionCalumet County, WisconsinMilk6.3 million4.9 million123.8 millionCalumet County, Wisconsin
Chippewa County, Wisconsin618 millionChippewa County, WisconsinMilk1.9 million2.7 million105.6 millionChippewa County, Wisconsin
Clark County, Wisconsin2.0 billionClark County, WisconsinMilk6.8 million7.0 million264.3 millionClark County, Wisconsin
Columbia County, Wisconsin779.5 millionColumbia County, WisconsinGrain3.8 million3.9 million112.1 millionColumbia County, Wisconsin
Crawford County, Wisconsin148.7 millionCrawford County, WisconsinGrain.37 million.81 million29.9 millionCrawford County, Wisconsin
Dane County, Wisconsin3.4 billionDane County, WisconsinMilk25.4 million23.2 million205.2 millionDane County, Wisconsin
Dodge County, Wisconsin2.9 billionDodge County, WisconsinGrain10.9 million11.3 million154.5 millionDodge County, Wisconsin
Door County, Wisconsin243.1 millionDoor County, WisconsinMilk1.3 million1.7 million38.5 millionDoor County, Wisconsin
Douglas County, Wisconsin98 millionDouglas County, WisconsinCattle & Calves.58 million.56 million2.4 millionDouglas County, Wisconsin
Dunn County, Wisconsin805.7 billionDunn County, WisconsinGrain2.9 million3.3 million110.5 millionDunn County, Wisconsin
Eau Claire County, Wisconsin1.1 billionEau Claire County, WisconsinGrain6.5 million4.6 million42.0 millionEau Claire County, Wisconsin
Fon Du Lac County, Wisconsin2.2 billionFon Du Lac County, WisconsinMilk8.8 million8.7 million255.0 millionFon Du Lac County, Wisconsin
Grant County, Wisconsin1.3 billionGrant County, WisconsinMilk6.1 million5.4 million164.8 millionGrant County, Wisconsin
Green County, Wisconsin2.0 billionGreen County, WisconsinMilk6.7 million7.1 million98.8 millionGreen County, Wisconsin
Green Lake County, Wisconsin358.1 bilionGreen Lake County, WisconsinMilk1.9 million1.9 million46.8 millionGreen Lake County, Wisconsin
Iowa County, Wisconsin475.0 millionIowa County, WisconsinMilk1.9 million2.4 million77.6 millionIowa County, Wisconsin
Jackson County, Wisconsin375.5 millionJackson County, WisconsinMilk1.3 million2.3 million52.4 millionJackson County, Wisconsin
Jefferson County, Wisconsin1.9 billionJefferson County, WisconsinGrain10.9 million8.7 million84.9 millionJefferson County, Wisconsin
Juneau County, Wisconsin348.6 millionJuneau County, WisconsinGrain1.3 million1.4 million38.3 millionJuneau County, Wisconsin
Kenosha County, Wisconsin751.2 millionKenosha County, WisconsinGrain4.1 million4.3 million35.2 millionKenosha County, Wisconsin
Kewaunee County, Wisconsin423.9 millionKewaunee County, WisconsinMilk0.9 million2.3 million190.0 millionKewaunee County, Wisconsin
La Crosse County, Wisconsin976.9 millionLa Crosse County, WisconsinGrain3.8 million3.0 million35.7 millionLa Crosse County, Wisconsin
Lafayette County, Wisconsin1.3 billionLafayette County, WisconsinMilk3.2 million4.0 million113.2 millionLafayette County, Wisconsin
Langlade County, Wisconsin257.2 millionLanglade County, WisconsinVegetables1.5 million1.8 million45.9 millionLanglade County, Wisconsin
Lincoln County, Wisconsin131.9 millionLincoln County, WisconsinMilk0.7 million0.7 million14.5 millionLincoln County, Wisconsin
Manitowoc County, Wisconsin1.5 billionManitowoc County, WisconsinMilk4.4 milllion5.6 million226.1 millionManitowoc County, Wisconsin
Marathon County, Wisconsin2.7 billionMarathon County, WisconsinMilk16.0 million11.9 million249.8 millionMarathon County, Wisconsin
Marquette County, Wisconsin593.3 millionMarquette County, WisconsinMilk2.2 million2.1 milion25.4 millionMarquette County, Wisconsin
Monroe County, Wisconsin1.1 billionMonroe County, WisconsinMilk2.9 million4.2 million87.1 millionMonroe County, Wisconsin
Oconto County, Wisconsin1.3 billionOconto County, WisconsinMilk3.2 million3.5 million79.6 millionOconto County, Wisconsin
Outagamie County, Wisconsin2.9 billionOutagamie County, WisconsinMilk14.9 million13.4 million146.5 millionOutagamie County, Wisconsin
Ozaukee County, Wisconsin689.6 millionOzaukee County, WisconsinMilk1.9 million2.9 million33.9 milionOzaukee County, Wisconsin
Pepin County, Wisconsin170.3 millionPepin County, WisconsinMilk0.7 million0.8 million30.9 milionPepin County, Wisconsin
Polk County, Wisconsin851.9 millionPolk County, WisconsinMilk3.8 million3.1 million64.0 millionPolk County, Wisconsin
Portage County, Wisconsin1.1 billionPortage County, WisconsinVegetables6.5 million7.6 million167.7 millionPortage County, Wisconsin
Price County, Wisconsin40.3 millionPrice County, WisconsinMilk0.16 million0.2 million18.4 millionPrice County, Wisconsin
Racine County, Wisconsin980.7 millionRacine County, WisconsinGrain4.3 million5.4 million48.1 millionRacine County, Wisconsin
Richland County, Wisconsin1.2 billionRichland County, WisconsinMilk3.3 million2.9 million53.9 millionRichland County, Wisconsin
Rusk County, Wisconsin134 millionRusk County, WisconsinMilk0.3 million0.5 million34.4 millionRusk County, Wisconsin
Sauk County, Wisconsin865 millionSauk County, WisconsinMilk4.8 million4.9 million93.1 millionSauk County, Wisconsin
Sawyer County, Wisconsin71.8 millionSawyer County, WisconsinMilk0.4 million0.5 million11.1 millionSawyer County, Wisconsin
Shawano County, Wisconsin566.0 millionShawano County, WisconsinMilk2.1 million3.3 million149.9 millionShawano County, Wisconsin
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin3.1 billionSheboygan County, WisconsinMilk13.4 million12.7 million108.9 millionSheboygan County, Wisconsin
St. Croix County, Wisconsin551.1 millionSt. Croix County, WisconsinGrain2.1 million3.3 million99.5 millionSt. Croix County, Wisconsin
Taylor County, Wisconsin975.2 millionTaylor County, WisconsinMilk4.5 million3.1 million108.9 millionTaylor County, Wisconsin
Trempealeau County, Wisconsin1.2 billionTrempealeau County, WisconsinMilk4.3 million4.8 million78.2 millionTrempealeau County, Wisconsin
Vernon County, Wisconsin800.5 millionVernon County, WisconsinMilk3.7 million2.8 million75.0 millionVernon County, Wisconsin
Walworth County, Wisconsin894.8 millionWalworth County, WisconsinGrain5.2 million4.7 million70.9 millionWalworth County, Wisconsin
Washburn County, Wisconsin260.4 millionWashburn County, WisconsinGrain.84 million1.0 million11.1 millionWashburn County, Wisconsin
Washington County, Wisconsin1.4 billionWashington County, WisconsinMilk7.1 million6.1 million54.4 millionWashington County, Wisconsin
Waupaca County, Wisconsin1.3 billionWaupaca County, WisconsinMilk4.6 million5.0 million90.0 millionWaupaca County, Wisconsin
Waushara County, Wisconsin322.6 millionWaushara County, WisconsinVegetables2.0 million2.3 million67.1 millionWaushara County, Wisconsin
Winnebago County, Wisconsin378.7 millionWinnebago County, WisconsinMilk1.4 million2.2 million60.0 millionWinnebago County, Wisconsin
Wood County, Wisconsin984.6 millionWood County, WisconsinMilk3.6 milllion4.7 million62.0 millionWood County, Wisconsin

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